GoPro or GoHome

How are you choosing to live the one life you have? Do you play it safe and predictable, choosing to do only what you know you can safely accomplish? Or are you living an adventure, taking leaps of faith to experience the exhilaration of watching God show up big for you?

Join us for GoPro, a series that will awaken the adventure inside you.

1. Live the Adventure SERIES 1. Live the Adventure

Steve Eichner
August 6-7, 2016

2. Perspective Matters SERIES 2. Perspective Matters

Tre Ford
August 13-14, 2016

3. One Shot SERIES 3. One Shot

Chris Hanley
August 20-21, 2017

4. Jump Start SERIES 4. Jump Start

Rob Tarnoviski
August 27-28, 2017

5. This is Stupid SERIES 5. This is Stupid

Tre Ford
September 3-4, 2016