Faith, Hope & Love for President

Our country is in the middle of a nasty and divisive presidential election where the rules of decency are being rewritten, or worse, simply ignored. The stakes are high as our nation and world struggle with significant issues of race, justice and unrest. Party lines have created greater division between family, friends, coworkers and neighbors than ever before. Division, despair, discord - it’s everywhere.

This September we’re taking a look at simple answers - unity, faith, hope and love - that are difficult in today’s political climate. What if we lived these out? What if we allowed them to guide us into the election and beyond? What if they became central in our family, friendships and relationships?

If we did, we would change the world. That’s what would happen!

No matter who our next president is.

1. Unity SERIES 1. Unity

Chris Hanley
September 10-11, 2016

2. Faith SERIES 2. Faith

Rob Tarnoviski
September 17-18, 2016

3. Hope SERIES 3. Hope

Tre Ford
September 24-25, 2016