Squad Goals

Our lives are a series of relationships… some we choose (friends, spouse) but most we don’t (family, boss, co-workers, neighbors, etc.). Our quality of life is often tied to the quality of our relationships, so as we head into a new year we’re going to improve the quality of our lives by strengthening our relationships. Squad Goals is an honest, no-nonsense series that will help us all improve our relationships and experience a better 2017.

1. The Past SERIES 1. The Past

Rob Tarnoviski
January 8, 2017

2. The Present SERIES 2. The Present

Rob Tarnoviski
January 15, 2017

3. The Future SERIES 3. The Future

Rob Tarnoviski
January 22, 2017

4. Move Toward God SERIES 4. Move Toward God

Shannon O'Dell
January 29, 2017

5. Loving Yourself SERIES 5. Loving Yourself

Rob Tarnoviski
February 5, 2017

6. Loving Others SERIES 6. Loving Others

Rob Tarnoviski
February 12, 2017